Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why does the symbol matter?

If the absolute truth is told, I think the denomination that I'm in is... alright. I think is has some really good traits and some traits that make it... a mixed blessing.

One thing that makes my denomination unusual is that it is identifiable. We have a recognisable symbol which other denominations don't seem to posses. One clear reason is that my denomination is the largest provider of aged care (read retirement homes) in Australia.

I couldn't tell you if the Catholics, Anglicans or Baptists have a unifying symbol.

The symbol matters because people notice.

My denomination is known for the aged care it provides.
From nothing more than the symbol on the side of the building, people can know what denomination that church is.
From the formation of my denomination (the amalgamation of three denominations in the mid 70's), the new symbol is one that represents this union.
Additionally, the symbol represents some of the things which the denomination stands for.

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