Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kick-a$$ volunteers

It has been a while since I've had to choose a church to attend voluntarily.


One of the up(?) sides of being in ministry is having your church chosen for you. You initially agree to work there, with adequate discernment, and then... POW... you are a member of that church.

But I wonder what I would look for if, for some reason, I were "back on the market"?

Would I gravitate towards a large church?
Would I gaze an eye over multiple churches and attend based upon the quality of their PowerPoint?
Could I live with a church that wasn't oozing quality (not that I'd ever find one, nor do we achieve it every week at my church!)?

Or, would I purposely choose a church where I could be used?
A church that looks like it could use help?

I'm not sure, but I do remember an ideal that we held in college. Being a kick-ass volunteer.

A volunteer who could preach when required. Or lead a service. Or lead the youth group. Or produce the advertising.

I think people who were formally in ministry should strive to be kick-ass volunteers.

Sure, plenty of people are chewed up by churches and ministry and need a break. But, with adequate time, I'm not sure it serves their church well for them to sit on the sidelines.

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