Thursday, October 6, 2011

The ground floor needs theologians

I've previously posted that the ground floor needs generals.

I think the wider church would benefit from long-term youth ministers working in places that need their experience, not just a bunch of fresh-faced 22 year old college graduates.

Well the ground floor also needs theologians.

Just as those in long-term youth ministry occasionally get positions as chaplains, regional advisers or even senior ministers, those who have a passion for thinking deeply about ministering to youth often step back from the front lines to do so.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that those in youth ministry are theologically inept, but I find many youth ministry theology books (and there isn't a massive number) are penned by those who ceased to be "youth ministers" years ago.

Those who minister to youth should think hard about the why and how of what they do. They should read books on the topic. They should wrestle with the issues.

In fact, I should do it more.

I acknowledge that it takes time and head space to write a PhD or a book.

But it would be nice if those who write the theology of youth ministry texts were doing it, instead of giving academic lectures for a living.

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