Friday, October 21, 2011

Manuscript gift

Earlier this week I mentioned an assignment where the task was to write a sermon for someones ordination service.

One of the readings for the essay included a really good idea, but one I know I'd probably be too chicken to actually do.

The idea is simple. On the special occasions when you preach (Weddings, baptisms, ordinations, commissionings, funerals) you should give the significant people in the service a transcript of what you said.

The reason was twofold and ones I identify with.

First, on significant times like these you often want to remember what was said but, second, you often can't or don't remember.

I remember the sermon at the induction service of my first ministry job was really good it would've been great to keep a copy. I don't have one.
I only vaguely remember what the sermon was on at my wedding. A transcript would be really useful.
I would love to read what the reflection was at my Dad's funeral. It's too bad I don't have it.

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