Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Who is worthy?

Yesterday (for an assignment) I wrote a sermon that, hypothetically, would be given during someones ordination service. During the 1955 words, I picked up a point birthed from an obscure part earlier in the service.

At one point, the congregation is encouraged to cry out "He is worthy!" with the presentation of the candidate.

My point was, and one that is often missed, that the declaration is not meant to be directed towards the one up for ordination, instead, it is actually meant for God.

The reason? People are meant to be recognising the faithfulness of God in the life of the candidate and His continuing faithfulness in providing people to preach the gospel. We are meant to be declaring that this candidate and the occasion is a reminder that God is worthy or praise.

But we misdirect the statement and think we are showering affirmation on the candidate.

In fact, we tend to make a similar mistake at weddings.

We think the ceremony is all about the blushing bride and the bloke beside her. It is about more than them. It is also a celebration of God bringing the two of them together and the dedication of the couple to lifelong commitment before Him.

At occasions when we might be tempted to take our gaze off God and direct it elsewhere, be it towards an ordination candidate or wedding couple, it would do us well to remember that "He is worthy!"

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