Saturday, June 27, 2009

Theology of snogging

Today, while i was waiting to get my haircut, i wondered about kissing. I wondered... If a teenager came up to me and asked me if i thought about kissing, what would i say and why...

In my mind, I'm not talking about pecks on the cheek with your Aunt, but snogging. Making out. Sucking face. Getting nookie. A Pash'n'Dash. Playing tonsil hockey...

Like many modern relationship issues, the Bible is relatively quiet. Kisses are referenced primarily between family members (and mostly between guys) or fellow believers in a non-sensual manner. The only exception would be the Song of Songs, but again, the scriptures are pretty spartan on locking lips.

Actually, the internet is also surprisingly quiet on the matter...

So... Is kissing meaningful? Should it be?

I discussed the topic with the person cutting my hair and she didn't really have an answer.

So... I'll vomit some musings... Plenty of things to think about.

Do you remember all the people you have have extended periods of time kissing? Were they all actually meaningful? Could you just snog and move on?

How is the equation of kissing meaningfulness changed if you never see the person again (or at least don't expect to)?

Can it ever be meaningless? Especially for believers...

Is the importance dependant on the individual? Does it depend on age, gender or sexual experience? Should it?

If kissing has little value, should you stick with a dud kisser? Or, if it is significant, should you dump them? Does it mean that much?

Should you think this much about kissing? Does it just create more pressure? Does it make a mountain out of a molehill?

Hmmmm... It's not like your becoming one flesh...

So... What do you reckon?

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