Saturday, June 27, 2009

New additions

I figured i should give you even fewer reasons to leave my ramblings.

So... as a means to an end... i added new gadgets to amuse, inform and further your procrastination.

You can now see where you are in the world when you look at my blog (not to mention where others have been). But note: The numbers are out of whack by a few thousand due to history of the site.

You can also see the time, in case gazing at the corner of the screen is too much to ask (unless you're an international guest).

Also, you can now indulge in a bit of poker (i won my first hand with three 8's) or boxes (i shamefully got smashed 44-5 in my first dabble).

Wrapping up... To anyone who is drawn away from important essay writing, exam studying, work or recreation, i apologise, but thank you for your patronage.

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