Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Count the positives

Something that I've held on to whilst in the ministry wilderness is the mindset of "counting my blessings."

The reason I've done this is because I, and I suspect it's not just me, can tend to dwell on what is NOT happening, instead of the positives that are. I can overlook the blessings of my wife, family, cat, car (despite what i have written), job, friends, church and lifestyle. Why? Just because I'm not in the exact place i desire to be vocationally.

In the book I'm currently reading it made a great point. It said that we can focus on the no's of God and not the yeses. In Eden, it was focusing on the singular no that God set down, not seeing the uncountable allowances that God permitted Adam and Eve that got them in trouble.

I think we just need to open our eyes and see the true picture of our lives.

Are they perfect? Not really. But they aren't really that bad.

Can we do whatever we desire? Not absolutely. But, just because God places boundaries on certain things, that shouldn't obscure the great things God does give us.

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