Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marriage prep

It seems the seasons of engagements are upon us again. First it was Katrina and Dave, who had their engagement party yesterday, and next it was Liz and Mark.

It got me thinking about the mental checklist i went through prior to proposing to Ange (all of which she was unaware of).

First, I wanted to have over $5000 in the bank, excluding the cost of the engagement ring. Really, this wasn't too difficult due to saving my loose change and $5 bills over a couple of years. Ange and i still do this and you save a couple of grand annually.

Second, I decided on a location. I knew 9 months in advance where the event would take place. How? Ange just mentioned in passing that it was her favourite place in the world. You just need to be alert...

Third, I sort advice from other guys. I had a chat to blokes who had solid marriages and were wise chaps. In my case they included my former youth minister, my minister (and soon to be boss), a mate who got married a year earlier, my college dean and a former Challenge Camp room group leader.

Finally, i looked closely at what the Bible had to say about being married and being a husband. And what can i say? This was by far the most scary step. When you enter into a covenant relationship, cleaving to your wife, leaving your family, loving and sacrificing for her like Christ does for the church... Damn... that's a serious deal.

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