Thursday, June 25, 2009

Name chuckles

With Claire on mission i thought back to my college mission days and had a chuckle. Why? The name... YouthRUSH.

Whilst in Griffith, this was a suggestion for the youth event we would put on.

And what's not to like? It says that the event is for young people. It tells them what speed they are to roll up to the event. It's everything that you could ever desire in a title.

Until you say it out loud.

Go on... I dare you. Say YouthRUSH.

If you don't quite capture the point... have someone else proclaim the name to you.

The result? Youth Thrush.

Despite any positive messages the name might have conveyed, the fact that it phonetically had a STI in the title, confused the point.

Were we now promoting the dangers of free sex? Were we promoting abstinence or sharing diseases?

Oh, the confusion that would have run amok the street and in minds of the youngsters in The Griff.

But it could have been worse. While collating a group of ministry names i discovered a blokes ministry named The Tool Shed. I hope it's vastly different to the establishment that shares the same name on Oxford Street...

1 comment:

Claire said...

The Tool Shed!
Thats really terrbile.
I have heard of one called Wired. I dunno I guess the youth are wired all the time.
Thrush however is not an STI.