Friday, June 26, 2009

Ministry lube

First of all i want to just say that i won't be chatting about the contraception that used to be about in the youth ministry office a decade ago...

Instead i want to spiel about a question i was asked today.

I was asked about administration. More specifically, if i was any good at admin in my ministry.

Initially, i just said that it was a necessary evil. You do paperwork cause you gotta.

But the more the question bounces around in my head, the more importance administrative duties became.

Why? Because it is the lube of ministry. Paperwork makes the functions of ministry run smoother.

What kind of things am i talking about?

Well advertised events and programs, with proper details and forewarning.
Adequate followup, collating of information and reflection.
Clear, meaningful rosters.
Leaders filling out the mandatory paperwork.
Kids filling out mandatory medical details.
Accurate contact details for kids and awareness of what means of communication works best with kids and leaders.
Methodical attendance records.
Transparent financial dealings.
Planning with an eye on events in the next week, month, term and year.

When administration runs more effectively your ministry runs at an advantage to one that doesn't.

You avoid problems that arise from a breakdown of communication. Problems with ministers, with parents, with leaders and with kids.
You can plan more strategically... building on the events just gone or on the horizon.
And, to some extent, you can plan with an attendance figure/audience in mind.

The point? Good admin = Smooth ministry.

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