Monday, September 5, 2016

The bible reader should have this important trait

Now that my primary public ministry is the occasional church service leading and preaching, I've been giving a lot more thought to the practicalities of the church service.

Yesterday, during church, my mind pondered the bible reading.

And, I confess, all too often I did this a disservice.


Because I'd randomly ask people to do the bible reading once they arrived at church.

Put simply, the bible deserves better than this.

And, in putting so little purposefulness into the reading of the scriptures, it sent the message that they we're as important as the other elements of the service which would be meticulously rostered and prepared.

But, as often as was practical, I did do one thing right.

I ensured that the bible was read by the laity.

The importance of this, again, revolved around the message which it sent.

The bible should be read by those outside the paid church staff because it communicates that the bible's not so sacred or complicated that it's reserved for the "experts."

One remarkable advancement from the Reformation and the printing press was that it put the bible into the hands of the commoner.

It would be a shame if we started to reverse that progression...

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