Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Passing the peaceful threshold

As I mentioned earlier, I lead the service at a new church last weekend.

And, as all churches do, they had their individual quirks.

One tradition they had was to pass the peace at the end of the service.

While this might not the correct order in the church service, it's a perfect example of outreach trumping liturgy.

When I consider what I wrote earlier when Rambling about the passing of the peace, this concluding-peace-passing deals with many of my criticisms.

You get to intentionally decide whom you'll pass the peace of God to, especially if it's in response to something you heard during the service...
You get adequate time to actually connect with others...
You're able to finish the service on a heart-warming note...

But, I found an extra bonus in placing the peace as the final act of the service...
You have something fantastic to say at the door on the way out.

As many churches do, the minister/service leader would greet people as they leave the sanctuary.

And, on occasions, this can get awkward.

But, the invitation to pass the peace as you depart gives the perfect opportunity to fill any silence or initiate a greeting.

And... I liked it. A lot.

In fact, it would be something I'd love to incorporate into my regular church service schedule.

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