Monday, August 15, 2016

Some weeks DEMAND action

There are some Sunday's when you should expect the number of children in your church service will increase.

When you host a child's baptism...
Mother's/Father's Day and you incorporate the occasion into the service or do something immediate after...
The start of the school year/the week you kick off the "kid's activities" for the year...

No matter what the occasion, there are some weeks you ABSOLUTELY MUST do things which intentionally cater to children.

You need to have your kid's corner set up.
You need to have an on-point kid's talk.
You need activities for the children to do before, during and after the service.

Truth being told, I would argue that you should have all of these elements in every service... But some weeks demand that families are catered to.

It shows that they are welcome.
It shows that they are included.
It shows that they were expected.

But, what if the rush of families don't arrive?

Well, it's far better to be prepared, and not need the activities, than be unprepared and communicate that you visitors aren't welcome.

In fact, if your church isn't prepared to display hospitality to families when they're expected, do the wider church a favour and graciously point the family towards a community of faith which will.

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