Sunday, August 21, 2016

Choose two notices... Max.

I've written before that notices during a church service must be relevant to a large segment of the congregation, short and, ideally, delivered by someone who personally has a connection with the activity/event being advertised.

The reason I think notices should be so punchy is that the majority of churches still use printed news sheets.

Ideally, and the "notice time" should start with this expectation spoken aloud, everyone in church both has a news sheet and has given it, at minimum, an observational glance.

Better yet, the church has emailed the news sheet to members during the week.

With that said, the person delivering the notices shouldn't need to give a summery of what's already in everyone's hands and/or in-boxes. 

The notice time should never be a rehash of the news sheet, or worse, a bland reading off the news sheet by a talking head.

Furthermore, for any pressing ministry need, a personal face-to-face, eye-to-eye, invitation is far more effective.

My solution for someone delivering the notices? 
Choose only one thing. Two tops.

Anything more and the key messages will be lost.

Is there a danger that things will get missed? 
I don't think so. 

Again, everything in the printed notices should be read and, usually, the other generic notices are usually repeated, so if you chose one of these to touch on each week, then the vast majority of notices will be addressed. 

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