Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What CrossFit and the church have in common

Due to my outdoor job, I'm now pretty fit. But, aside from walking +50km per week, I don't do a whole lot of extra exercise.

I definitely don't do CrossFit.
I never have.

But, I know a guy who does.

He talks about it a lot.
He posts pictures about it.
He checks in at every session.
He updates his achievements.

Seemingly, like everyone else who does CrossFit, he strongly abides by their anti-Fight Club principal.

The first rule of CrossFit is... You MUST talk about CrossFit.

And I think the church has a lot in common and, thus, a lot to learn from the "cult" of CrossFit.

First, they are a tribe with a common goal. They, in their local CrossFit box, are a bunch of comrades striving to achieve the personal best.

Second, they are unabashed in encouraging each other. They will spur on the person next to them in order for them to achieve the best they can.

Third, they focus on track-able results, with the results posted consistently with advancement celebrated. 

Fourth, they will hear stories of life change. Due to the culture, they will be able to see and hear about the advancement of others.

Fifth, they will be able to see similar change in their lives. In the most part, if done in a committed fashion, you'll see results.

Sixth, ideally, it's run by driven coaches who, hopefully, are knowledgable in what they're challenging you to do and have achieved the results you're desiring.

Seventh, CrossFit requires sacrifice - physically & financially. 

Eight, due to 1-7, the are unashamedly evangelistic.

So... A united, encouraging, community, who want the best for each other, sharing their successes and supporting them through their struggles, inspired by passionate leaders, in order to have their lives transformed which they, then, are compelled to share with others...

Sounds a lot like what a church wants to achieve...

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