Friday, July 29, 2016

Are you known as a Jesus preacher?

A while ago I wrote about preaching hobby-horses.

As a minister increasingly rides their topic-of-choice then they can aquire the label as a (insert topic) preacher.

But, I wonder, how many ministers would feel comfortable being a "Jesus preacher?"
How many, if they were brutally honest, would rather be renown for preaching the fundamental gospel then their hobby-horse?

In theory, this shouldn't be a difficult question...

Until it means that you're known for Jesus more than being popular.
Or... and this would often suck me in... Fun.
Or relevant to today's culture.
Or the innovative/engaging ministry strategy you use.
Or the subject you've majored in.
Of the topic you're an "expert" in.

I ask because, even if the minister might not want something other than Jesus to be their main focus, their continued rhetoric draws the focus away from the primary gospel message. 

Ironically, this would be something they'd desperately want to avoid.

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