Thursday, July 14, 2016

You MUST be the fundraising champion

People who work in ministry don't have overflowing wallets. Nowhere near. If you're in ministry for financial gains, you'll be disappointed.

Every Friday I'd go home with a fist full of shrapnel and the only thing, financially, overflowing from my time in ministry was the spare coins in the glovebox in my car.

BUT... Those in ministry have a financial duty...

Buy fundraising everything.


Raffle tickets...
40-Hour famine sponsorships...

One thing I would go out of my way to do was flog the fundraising wares of any kid at church.

If I didn't buy the whole box of chocolates, then I'd make sure to pimp out the chokkies until the box was empty.

Not only would I sponsor the kid for the 40-Hour famine, but I'd make sure that the teen was at the morning service and would leave with a sponsor-book full of pledges.


Because I want kids to, not only, feel comfortable in bringing their fundraising endeavours to church, but open an opportunity for them to share the stories of what they're fundraising for AND the church should be utmost prepared to support any good cause that their young people are involved in.

Any time a kid trundles through the door with a box of fundraising chocolates, supper is instantly supplemented... No excuse.

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