Friday, July 22, 2016

What forces the church into Code Red

Double Red. Red. Yellow. Blue. Gray.

In the world of a star fleet every alert signal isn't the same.

In the world of ministry every church member isn't the same.

There... I said it.

While all people are made in the image of God, welcomed and recipients of God's grace, some people will leave a far larger impact and, thus, a larger hole when they depart a church.

If you're around churches long enough, you'll see plenty of people leave.

And, as I said earlier, every person isn't the same.

For some, their departure will be welcomed. They were divisive. They were disruptive to what God is doing and where the church is headed.

For some, their departure will be inevitable. They were heading toward a life stage which will take them elsewhere.

For some, their departure will be disappointing. They were members of the church, but didn't solidly buy in or contribute as much as you'd hoped.

For others, their departure is gut-wrenching. They were rusted on. They were heavily involved. Seemingly, they were at the church whenever the doors were open. You never imagined that they would every leave.

And, when the later leave the church, it's a code red. Double red even.

I've been in a situation when a rusted on member of a youth ministry has left.

It hurt.

She was someone who I thought would be at the church for decades...
She was someone who I thought God would build the ministry, and church, around...

And she told me that the church wasn't for her anymore.

When she left we went into double red.
Everything was honestly examined.
Including myself.

For, nothing should force you to deeply look at what you're doing than the departure of a rusted-on church member.

Ideally, if done right, the process, whilst painful, can be one which results in improved processes, new growth and renewed purpose.

All you need to do is be able to stare down the reasons for the code red...

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