Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The second generation challenge

I'm not, culturally, second generation.

But, in many ways, I am liturgically.

In my denomination, I'm the first of a generation free from foundational denominational allegiances.
I've been the first to jump from the established youth/young adult focused evening service to the more traditional morning service.
I've been the first to try and break into young adult and family ministry circles.

And, liturgically, these present many of the similar challenges which face those of a cultural second generation.

How do you move forward when you're entering something already established?
How do you make changes in the face of longstanding tradition?
How do you plot the next step when it doesn't look like the one that is treasured, yet unsatisfying?

These are the challenges that await those who are on the cusp of the next liturgical transition and must be kept in mind by those who minister to young adults and those who are the ministers and elders of a church which the emerging generation are breaking into.

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