Sunday, July 3, 2016

This Sunday won't be the Best-Sunday-Ever!!!

In my new job, reading gas meters, they recently modified the descriptions for dogs inside properties. Now, every dog is classified as savage. Big dogs. Small dogs. Loud dogs. Quiet dogs. I'm-going-to-lick-you-to-death dogs. I'm-going-to-rip-your-throat-out dogs.

Every dog.

Of course, this is done as an OHS precaution, but, obviously, every dog isn't savage.

In fact, due to the overstating of the danger of the dogs, now I'm at greater risk since I'm unsure which property has a hell-hound behind the gate and which has the playful puppy called Spot. 

I mention this, especially in a ministry context, because every event will not be amazing and every Sunday won't be the best ever.

Yet, all too often, we advertise that they will be.

And, in doing so, we actually weaken the effectiveness of our message.


Because we promote something which a) won't be the case for everyone and b) can't be the case every time.

Worse still, the problem is completely avoidable.

Are you excited about an event? Just promote that...
Are you expecting it to be really good? Just say that...
Are you expecting God to be at work? Just share that...
Are you expecting this Sunday to be exceptional due to a guest speaker or a different element of the service? Shout that loud and proud...

But, keep your "amazing" and "best-service-ever" exclamations for when they'll actually pay off.

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