Sunday, September 11, 2016

Tilting the odds

This morning I, once again, lead the service and preached at a local church.

This was different from last week.

Not only were I not up the front of a church service, but I skipped church altogether in the morning.

Because it was Father's Day... And I wasn't given a solid enough reason to go to church over having breakfast with my family.

I know... Stone me. Drag me out into the street and have me flogged because I chose to have a big breakfast over attending a church service.

But, I wasn't given a special incentive to select church over bacon.

And, somewhat shamefully, bacon triumphed.

On special, family-based occasions, I think that the church service needs an extra hook.

Now, I know, attending church - meeting with both God and His people - should be enough... But the draw of family breakfast can be awfully alluring.

So, I would put on breakfast for the parents on mother's or Father's Day. Parents knew that French toast or bacon would await them.

In the end, a simple idea like this gives church an extra lift when people are deciding what to do before they open their flowers & chocolates or socks & undies.

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