Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The best evangelistic steps: Appeal. Think. Chat.

I wrote that my go-to gospel presentation could be summed up by three letters... FTH.

But, when it comes to delivering an evangelistic appeal, it can me summed up by three words... Appeal. Think. Chat.

Make the Appeal - Present the gospel message.

Give an opportunity to Think - Provide space, be it a few moments, overnight or longer to reflect on the gospel message.

Encourage a Chat - Since discipleship happens in relationship, encourage someone who wants to respond to the gospel to speak with a mature believer (be it minister, youth minister, volunteer leader).

I think this method works better than the eyes-closed-raise-hand-walk-down-the-front approach which has been so popular since it not only gives time and space for the listener to truely weigh up the implications of the gospel, but also connects then into a wider discipleship process/relationship, hopefully closing the vast backdoor of many large evangelical ministries.

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