Sunday, September 18, 2016

Healthy > Active

When it comes to ministries, there's a dark secret...
All too often, active trumps healthy.

No one would admit it openly, but it's the reality.

Active = Bodies
Bodies = Wallets
Wallets = Money

Is this equation a tad cynical?
Yes, but it's quite reflective of decision-making mindsets and budgets.

But, the measure of success of a ministry should be something far deeper than mere activity.

More than bodies participating...
More than a strong social media presence...
More than being financially sustainable...

The marker for success should be health.

Which might not look a lot like "success."

Health might mean a shrinking in number.
Health might annoy others.
Health might be financially costly.

But a healthy ministry will have a rich desire to cultivate Christ-likeness and be a place of both authenticity and welcom-ness.

For, these healthy ministries will have a far greater eternal impact, even if they don't always appear to be a throng of activity.

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