Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The way they view your tomorrow matters

Lately I've been thinking quite a bit about building trust... Thus this post earlier this month.

You build trust by showing that you've been present in the past, doing the right things, at the appropriate time, with a proper understanding of what you do, over a lengthy period of time.

But, channeling the Dr-Phil-truism that past behavior is a firm indicator of future behavior, all these things focus on things in the past.

Trust is built on what you HAVE done.
Trust is built because you WERE there.
Trust is built due to the consistent caring questions you HAVE asked.

But trust also rides on one intangible.


Will you be there tomorrow?
Will you be there if things get EVEN MORE difficult than today?
Will you be able to handle the way the other person responds to the hardships they face?

As I concluded in my last post about trust, this all points to the compounding advantage of longevity.

For, the more tomorrows you've been around for, the more likely people will think you'll be there for the next difficult tomorrow.

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