Saturday, May 9, 2015

Is a lobster per week a better budget?

NOTE: For my international readers, the $20 note in Australia is orange and, y some can be called a lobster...

When a church presents the budget, on the line entitled congregational giving, the number in excess of 100,000 is allocated for the financial year.

And, by itself, 100,000+ is a big number.

But, if your church has a hundred members, would the budget be easier digested if the giving figure was converted into a weekly, not annual, breakdown - around $20 per week?

If a congregation was told, in order for their church to meet budgeted giving, everyone would need to chip in a lobster each week, would this give greater understand to what was being expected?

Sure, for some, this might create an unhelpful sense of pride or guilt depending on where they fell above or below the $20 benchmark, but for those who have a regular, relatively disposable income, having a specific, manageable, amount could kick-start their awareness to give.

The challenge, as I've written before, is to ensure that the things the church provides are deemed worth the cost.

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