Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Whenever a church finds itself between ministers, one of the first things it needs to do is get a church profile together to show potential candidates.

Churches use this as a good time to give themselves a label. Thriving. Accepting. Progressive. Evangelistic. Family-Friendly. Regional (a term I'll chat about in my next post).

The trouble is, churches get confused between were, actual and wish.
Sometimes they describe what they were. It may have been a generation or a decade ago or mid-March 1912, but the church labels itself with what it WAS known for.

Sometimes a church will describe who they wish they were. They call themselves what they would LIKE to be in a season, year or decade in the future.

Unfortunately, it is all-to-rare that the profile a church provides falls into the "actual" part of the spectrum.

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