Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kindy prayers

On the back of a youth ministry inservice, I've just flowed out of a week-long ordination intensive. In between, our church had an elders and leader's retreat. All in all, I've gained a head overflowing with input, three two-inch folders to read, an assignment due on Monday and a stack of blog post ideas.

Churches can think they have "arrived" once they posses the sacred cow of church existence. Playgroups.

Or, better yet, a kindergarten.

Today I heard about a church that had a kindy. But something was different.

They intentionally prayed for the kids who go to the kindy.

I don't know how attached the kindergarten was with the church, but I don;t think that should be the point.

I've known quite a few churches where the kids who flow through the gates of their kindergarten are little more than walking cash cows. Perhaps we need to remember that they are a fledgling ministry as well...

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