Sunday, August 21, 2011

Really regional?

The Internet was outraged, the Twitter-verse imploded and Facebook froze.

And rightly so. I made a promise and I broke it.

In this post I wrote that I'd blog next about regional churches but instead posted on ministers raving about their church.

Well, belatedly, here is the foretold post...

Some churches like to think of themselves as "regional."

Perhaps they have a prominent minister. Or had a renowned ministry. Or maybe the membership directory indicates that they have "members" from across a wide area.

Whilst having a conversation with a minister last week he mentioned an often neglected criteria.

You are a regional church if you genuinely SERVE a large region.
You can be considered a regional church if you IMPACT a large geographical region.

If you just like the term, or judge the appropriateness of the title based on your furthest travelling congregant, then you're probably NOT a regional church.

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