Monday, August 18, 2008

When is the man-hunt a failure?

Today my mind wandered, once again, to things of Christian love and what i affectionately know as the "man-hunt."

The man-hunt, quite simply, is when a young Christian lass goes to a church with the intention of finding "a good Christian man."

Over the last decade or so a few of the sheilas at church have embarked on a "man-hunt," with various success. But i started to think, when is it deemed a lost cause?

If you leave your home church and, after a few years or connecting into a new faith community, you're still single, did you make the correct choice?

Also, is the "man-hunt" all that ethical if the young chaps at the unsuspecting church are ambushed? Should the woman make her intentions clear to any guys she meets? Should she inform any staff worker who tries to create a pastoral connection?

Finally... do guys go on a "chick-hunt?"

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Sarah-louise said...

now i reckon Guys do go on 'chick hunts' well I like to hope so...surely girls and guys aren't THAT different. Are they?