Saturday, November 29, 2014

Two questions for the tough times

1 - Who can you trust, what did they say?
2 - Who cares for you, how did they show it?

I firmly believe that these two questions are an important part of getting through the tough times in life which we'll encounter every so often.

If, when life seems darkest, you intentionally look out for and record the answers to these two questions each day a significant change begins to take place.

Your mindset.
Your outlook.
Your memory.

If, when life is bleak, you keep track of the people who have said something you can trust (even if you don't completely feel the reality of that truth) and the ways (even in the smallest of gestures) which people have showed you that they care, then, slowly, the way life looks can begin to turn.

Even if all it does is allow you to take notice of the silver lining to a darker cloud...

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