Sunday, November 2, 2014

Focus on one section of the teddy

Sometimes, do you wish you could just chop off a segment of your life?
Do you wish you could leave the physical ailments at home or unplug your overworked intellect?

One of the ways I help determine the healthy of people is to take them through the "Teddy Reflection" which attempts to weigh up the healthy of seven areas in life.

But, life isn't so segmented.

If one part of your life's out of whack then it'll have a flow on effect.

Physically, if you're not sleeping enough, it will effect your ability to effectively work and study...
Stress at work will effect your relationships at home...
If your emotions are running rampart, they will leech into other areas...

But, when life feels out of control, you can choose to work on just one area.

For, if one area starts to regain health, it'll make it easier to tackle some of the other problems life's throwing at you.

Better yet, for someone who feels overwhelmed, hearing that it's okay for them to especially focus on just one area is far less daunting than looking at a warped teddy and feeling that the problem is too big to change.

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