Monday, April 15, 2013

The vital question which makes church notices work

I've written about church notices announced during the service in the past (you can check it out here). To sum up, I've said that they should be short and involve stories.

Over the last few weeks my thinking has had an important development.

Notices should still be punchy a they should definitely involve stories by people who are personally involved with the notice.

But my appreciation for notices has increased since I now include a vital question.

A question which communicates the whole purpose of, not just notice announcing, but, arguably, church gatherings.

The question is... Where have you encountered God lately?

The reason anything should be announced in church is because we expect God to be at work within the things which are promoted.

And church should be a place where those in the congregation are comfortable enough and encouraged to share what God has been doing in their world, no matter if it is world-altering or something more mundane.

The icing on the cake?
I'd actually WANT to hear these notices and they might BE INTERESTING!

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