Sunday, April 28, 2013

FULLTILT your prayers

So... How do you pray?
What do you actually do?

When posed with that question the answer I received and now pass on is the following...

F - Focus. Take time out. Remove distractions.

U - Up. You aren't trying to reach Nirvana, but focus on God. His nature. His promises.

L - Lay it on the Line. When you do the previous point, especially if you touch on the holiness of God, then you should be lead to see the difference between us and a perfect God. We should come before God in honest confession, mindful of the next part...

L- Lap it up! When someone comes before God in repentance, He is merciful and will forgive us. This is an awesome thing which we should revel in!

T - Thanks. We should be grateful for not only what God has just done, but reflect on all the blessings He bestows on us.

I - I want/need/like. Having showed gratitude for both large and small , we can now ask God for what we want/need. BUT, we must be mindful that God is not a cosmic genie, for if a request will not be for our good or for the advancement of God's Kingdom, then a wise God will say no. If it'll be harmful then a good God won't let you win the lottery.

L - Listen. Prayer is not a one way conversation. Whilst we may not see a burning bush, we should take time for God is direct us to places in scripture or formulate ideas.

T - Travel. Prayer shouldn't terminate at Amen. It should be a way of life.

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