Monday, April 22, 2013

The game which changes the attitude

I just got back from a weekend away with the youth group leaders at my new church to plan the rest of the year and do some leadership development (looking at the LEEP and SHAPE ideas and how they fit into our context).

But when my leaders arrived at the location of the weekend they were... underwhelmed.

The hot water was... temperamental.
Some of the mattresses were... less than ideal.
The upstairs windows were... uncooperative.

But one game changed it all.

No matter if it's love-at-first-sight or you're initial unimpressed by a site, two rounds of this game will make you swoon over any location.

The love potion for any location? Hide and seek. In pitch black. Over the entire site.

Especially with adults.

Because adults are crafty.
Adults are sneaky.
Adults are prepared to squeeze into a cramp-inducing space.
Adults get a sick satisfaction from hearing someone you know stumble around in the dark, just feet away from your location, totally unaware.
And scaring people in the dark is awesome.

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