Monday, April 8, 2013

A deserved or miraculous mark?

Today I saw a sign outside a school which wished good luck to year 12's having exams.

It reminded me of an annual debate I have when asked to pray for a student to receive "good" marks.

When it comes to exams I don't ask God to grant miracles.
I ask God to give students the mark they deserve*.

I do so...
First, because I think it's fair.
And, second, I think a deserved mark is a far greater life lesson for the student.

I think a better prayer is one which expands beyond the examination period.

Prayer for prolonged productive study.
Prayer for a healthy balance of school, work, rest and church.
Prayer for positive relationships within their homes and social circles.
Prayer for good management of stress and anxiety.
Prayer for an awareness of God's presence, no matter how well or otherwise they perform in exams.

Otherwise, what message would it send if a lazy student receives the same mark as a student who has worked really hard all year?

* Okay, maybe they can have a couple of extra marks...

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