Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 1st-15th resolutions revisited

Today is the first day of my new job.

Whilst I was between gigs I made this list of up-until-the-middle-of-January resolutions.

How did I go?

Purge emails - Done. Of the +1600 received and 1200 odd emails sent, I'm now down to only 150.

Watch the backlog of Minute-with-Maxwell's - I started approximately three month's behind, meaning I had around 100 to plough through, I'm about half way done.

Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy - I've now seen all three films in their entirety. Almost. I did have a nap in the middle of the second (but I had seen that bit previously). I still haven't seen The Hobbit.

Submit a new guest post on MorethanDodgeBall - Completed. It should be posted here sometime over the next week. I wonder if a teen should go to more than one youth group.

Read the latest Eragon book - I'm currently, or so my wife's Kimbo tells me, 24% through the last book. I took some time to actually read/skim the first three books (not a short task at around 600-700 pages per book).

Get on top of my Google Reader - I now have two topics with +1000 posts. A small step in the right direction.

Finally, brew some beer - Fail. I still haven't used my beer making kit. One day...

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