Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How I know it's building

If I'm anxious about something then I'll plague me in the shower.
If I've got a big event then I'll plot in the shower.
If I've got an important speech or sermon then I'll practice it in the shower. Repeatedly.

I'm glad I'm in the middle of a fortnight between my last job and my new ministry position for, given enough time, it was bound to happen.

As I sit around at home... whittling away may days... it is slowly building.

It's only been the last few days that the excitement of a new job is starting to really kick in.

How do I know?

I thought about the new job in the shower. 

The shower is where all the real thinking happens and I found myself wondering about the new church, the questions I'll ask and what I'll do on my first day.

Now I just have to decide if I technically start Monday or take it as my usual day off...
Maybe I need another shower.

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