Friday, July 6, 2012

Tom's takeaway's

I purposely had a chat to Tom about camp speaking to answer two particular questions...
Do you always give a gospel presentation or do you prefer a single gospel presentation talk? and
Should the speaker stay at camp the entire time?

I asked these specific questions since I've wrestled with them to some degree at every camp I've spoken at in the past (and I've got a few potentially popping up in the not-too-distant-future).

I really liked Tom's answers.

Include Jesus in every message, giving a few chances for people to respond to the gospel and stick around at camp in order to speak WITH the campers, not just TO the campers.

Another thing I took away from our chat is that I'm a rubbish interviewer.

But this is not new information. In the past I used to do a "special kind of interview" for visitors at one of my former churches.

And, looking back, they were crap.

I would try and be too cute with the questions I asked (making odd connections with random people on the Internet who shared their name) and didn't just pose a few focused questions and get-off-the-stage.

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