Saturday, July 7, 2012

Before you walk that aisle

Today I was thinking about marriage in the shower.

I decided, if some misguided soul wanted to chat to me before they walked down the aisle (read the things I did here),  then I would talk to them about...

How are you going to negotiate their finances?
What are you expecting in the bedroom? (I would have them read the book "One Flesh" together)
What do you want to achieve in the future vocationally and personally? Do you want kids?
What are your family histories and how might they affect your future marriage (especially looking at their parents marriage)?
What do you currently argue about and do you argue well?
What does the bible say about gender roles? (I would chat to the guy, a lady with the soon-to-be bride)
What does the bible say about marriage?
What does the ceremony itself say and what do the promises mean to you both?

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