Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reference writing

One of the awesome parts of my job which pops up occasionally is writing references for people. References for jobs, to candidate for ordination, to become a marriage celebrant, for ministry extensions have all been reasons to put pen to paper.

Over the last two days I have written another two references. And they kicked ass.

I love giving references.

But, truth be told, they can be repetitive since I have a set structure which I follow and often look back through old references to dig out any hidden gems of wordsmith-ery.

I wonder why I enjoy it so much. Do I get some twisted sense of power? Do I like the feeling that somehow a person might be indebted to me or that I might wow the reader of the reference?

I suspect it has to do with the pride I felt when my first youth minister wrote a job reference for me and that it allows me to gush over someone. It is another way I can make a big show of appreciation.

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