Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tom's take on camp speaking 2

Tom has spoken on a lot more camps then I have so we had a chat about them. You can read part one here and should check out his blog over here.

Ideally, the audio would be inserted here, but my phone and my laptop can't get on the same wavelength.
So you'll have to do the hard work of reading to be impressed by Tom's wisdom and my woeful interviewing skills. Our chat went for 12 minutes so I’ll here is the next exciting instalment. Enjoy…

G: So, Tom, if you have a camp that has more than one talk (as most of them do) what do you do in the first talk to break the ice?
T: It depends. Generally, I find two types of camps that I go on. There are holiday camps which are run for anyone to go on, not just youth group camps. I normally just do youth group camps. If you go and no one knows one another or not that well, then I'll establish who I am, but that's okay because everyone doesn't know each other. In some ways you help establish the culture of the camp as you do it, so you want to talk about what camp is about, what's going on and what you want to achieve out of camp.
If you are going as a speaker on a youth group camp or a lunchtime Christian group like I did last week, then you just need to establish yourself. You also need to establish what the culture you are going into (hopefully you know before you go in) and in some ways you let people know that you know where camp's at.
G: As the speaker, what is the one thing you would want provided for you by the host?
T: Um... Probably an ability to talk...
G: A voice box?
T: Yes, do not stab me in the throat!
Sometimes you can get a camp where you don't know whats going on or where you're meant to be when. You want to have a well established timeline and it is clear that the talk is important and now we are to listen from the Word of God. You want to know that there is respect for the time of hearing the bible time. That is probably the thing I want the most. I don't mind to much the rest of the stuff.
G: You don't need a foot spa provided.
T: I don't need a foot spa. But sometimes I ask for a music stand so I can put my notes on it...
G: You Diva! You don't demand MM's with all the brown ones removed?
T: No. I don't think I've ever asked... Oh, I once asked for post-it notes. But that was for an activity which I was doing, not because I like a particular love for post-it notes.
G: Important question... Do you have an official gospel spiel that you present and keep it in your back pocket because you use all the time?

Find out how Tom responds tomorrow...

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