Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fat silences

Tonight our church is having a Tenebrae service and the aim is to end with a "fat silence."

A what?

A time of silence, intentionally creating an opportunity for someone to reflect and connect with God.

Church services usually have a few chances for "fat silences."

Maybe a settling time at the start of the service.
Perhaps a moment after the sermon to ponder how it may apply to their lives.
Often, during the prayer of confession or prayers of the people, to "insert your shortcomings to God" or "life up those in your heart."

Tonight, as people leave in darkness, the hope will be that they leave in the middle of a "fat silence."


Anonymous said...

Okay, I get *what* it is, but why "fat"?

Graham said...

Really, no indepth reason.

I could have used the word full (as opposed to empty... which is the point), but fat was the first word which sprung to mind.