Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thought transition

Right now I would have been teaching a scripture class...
This Sunday, being Trinity Sunday, I'm sure I'd be preaching...
If I were preaching on this passage I'd be telling this story...
When I did a kids talk on this parable, I'd use this prop...

Now that I've been out of vocational youth ministry for over a year, my mindset is starting to change.

Increasingly, my mind doesn't automatically shift to ministry mode when I step into a church, listen to a sermon or get an overview of my week.

But, it's been a slow process.

Will it continue?
Am I now as distant from the ministry mindset as I'm going to get?

For, while I'm still attached to a few churches, I now don't read hundreds of church, ministry and youth ministry articles per week. But they still pop up on my radar.
While I preach very occasionally, I'm now off the treadmill of the ministry-production-line. But, I'm still open to it.
As you might be able to tell, my frequency of blog posts have reduced. But, my mind still churns out some thoughts on the church and ministry.

I wonder, as I drift towards - hopefully - a job as an ancient history teacher, will my mindset shift towards these areas, and, how noticeable will it be

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