Monday, February 20, 2017

The first-year know-it-alls

The old saying goes that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing...

Last week I got accepted into my new university course.

This, of course, means that I'm about to become the self-proclaimed most knowledgeable person in the field of Education and Ancient History.


Because I'll be a first year university student.

And, in a (few) year's time, I'll have done just enough of my subjects to begin to think that I know it all.

But I won't.

Not even close.

But, my knowledge in the field will greatly increase.

Unfortunately, for many first year's, their awareness of their field takes a little longer to develop.

The way my original theology lecturer explained it was like this...

Beginning by drawing a circle on the whiteboard, he explained that this represented all we're originally aware about who God is and the Christian faith. On day one, you might be able to shade in a sliver of the circle representing what you know.

With a little theological study, you'll learn a lot. Compared to what you already know now, you're sliver of knowledge might double.

When this is held up against your original awareness of God, you might fall into the trap of thinking that you now know a lot.

But, with time, you should not only expand your knowledge of God, but you're awareness of all that theology encompasses.

Over time, you should come to the realisation that, in fact, you're awareness has far outpaced your knowledge. And, with that, so has your respect and wonder of what you're studying.

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