Wednesday, May 25, 2016

When you hold the mirror

It's not uncommon, when I write something on my blog, in a Tiny Bible Bit or mention something in a sermon, that someone will ask whom I had in the back of my mind.

Sometimes what I write is inspired by a conversation I have with someone else of what I've stumbled across online.

But, all too often, the person who inspires the post and who is in the crosshairs of any truths therein, looks at me in the mirror.

Lots of the time, I am the person for whom I write. I am the person whom needs to hear the message. 

It happens far more than anyone is aware.

And I suspect that I'm not alone.

After sitting with an idea for a few days or marinating within a scripture passage for a week, the areas where your conscious is pricked or you're aware that you need growth will be exposed.

When someone stands before others, or hits publish on the interwebs, quite often they are simultaneously holding both a megaphone and a mirror.

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