Thursday, May 12, 2016

The next person deserves that you make a stand

No church is perfect. Not. Even. One.

Everyone who has been connected with a church for any significant amount of time knows this. This is especially true if you've worked for a church.

But some churches are quite a distance from healthy.

Be it the systems they use, the way they communicate, the leadership dynamics or a thousand other things, some churches contain within them serious disfunction.

Ideally, when someone steps into a ministry position, they're aware of the deficiencies lurking within.

And when they're exposed a staff member has a decision.

Do they say/do something?

Now, I understand why you might let some things slide... Job protection, not wanting to be a troublemaker, thinking the problem is to engrained, choosing to change the culture over time, hoping to out-survive the problems...

But, at times, there's another person who needs to be kept in mind.

The next person.

The next minister... the next youth minister... the next children's ministry coordinator... The next music director... the next church council member... 

For, sometimes the next person, and the effectiveness of their ministry, needs you to make a stand in order for things to improve.

And that can be scary.

But, if the church is to get healthy, someone needs to shine a light on the dark places and be prepared to till the tough soil.

Even if it comes at a cost.

The next person, the effectiveness of the present ministry and those you leave behind, all deserve it.

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