Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I am not necessary

I haven't been in vocational ministry for approximately six months now... And that's ok.

Sure, I do miss it, but, when it comes to the advancement of the gospel... I'm not necessary. 

I might be useful.
I might be, on occasions, graciously used by God.

But I'm not necessary.

How do I know?

Because things continue without me...
Just as they did before I arrived...
Just as they do in a million other places...

At my home church, in my first ministry position, my coworker and I used to share a saying after an activity we thought went particularly well.

"God did good... you just happened to get in the way."

At times, this was the exact reminder that was needed.

Because, while God did use you, He didn't have to.

For, you might have been useful, but you weren't necessary...

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