Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The secret ingredient of great ministerial elevator pitches

Today, one day removed from the federal budget and a week away from the offical launch of the next election campaign, has been a day of politicians selling their message.

I've written here about the two elevator speeches that youth ministers need to be able to nail.

But, I now think the list is incomplete.

A youth minister should have in his back pocket a number of pitches depending on the person standing before them.

They should be able to nail the spiel about Jesus and the things their church does... 
To a new student.
To a parent.
To a young adult.
To a potential leader.
To their senior minister.
To the secretary.
To a church councillor/elder.

But, the elevator pitches to all of these - and more - groups, can be made easier if one element is included.

A familiar name.

Include the name of one of the new student's friends.
Include the name of the parent's child.
Include the name of a dedicated and brought in leader.

Say that X loves it...
Say that X will be looking forward to it...
Say that X will be there...
Say that X has been involved in the planning...
Say how X has been impacted by the ministry...

This is the secret sauce of effective ministerial elevator pitches.

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