Thursday, February 18, 2016

The dual-present problem

In yesterday's post announcing the arrival of our new daughter, Emily, I promised that I would shed light on the dilemma that would face her surrounding her birthday and dating.

Did you work out what it would be?

In short, it has to do with two dates.

February 14th & 16th.
Valentine's Day & Emily's birthday.

What will the person she's in a relationship with do when it comes to these dates?

Now, this dilemma can easily be transferred to a birthday and an anniversary, Christmas and any occasion where gift giving is expected.

What do you do when you're in a relationship with someone and a two-hit-combo of present exchanging is approaching, especially if you're not committed to the relationship?

If you're the dual-present purchaser, do you bail on the relationship before you need to give the presents?

If you're the dual-present recipient, do you stick with the relationship for a few more weeks in order to get the anticipated bounty?

Now, I would hope that Emily would never need to face this conundrum (and would certainly never be so shallow as to milk a boyfriend for gifts), but the problem remains...

(unless I make good on my threat to lock my daughters under the house from the ages of 12-30 in order to avoid all that dating awkwardness)

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